Gourmet Center

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Mikice Lesjaka 28, Vrdnik, Serbia
EatPannonia Gourmet Centar

Gourmet Center

The Gourmet Center in Vrdnik, on the southern slopes of Fruška Gora, is a gathering place for fans of Pannonian flavors, and is open to companies (team building, seminars), tourists, the scientific community, for the organization of various private and business events.
In the restaurant of the Gourmet Center, “Vojvodjanski recept”, you can try the best-rated products from the Vojvodina area, winners of the EatPannonia trademark.
Relax in modern rooms and apartments and a beautiful view from our terraces, enjoy the spa area while tasting the best, award-winning EatPannonia products, and delight someone with the perfect gift from our delicatessen.

We invite you to visit us and taste Pannonia.

Gourmet Center


Accommodation units – 15 / 30 beds

Professionally equipped kitchen

Educational kitchen

Herbs and spices bio garden

Restaurant offering 40 seats

Restaurant (80 seats) / large conference hall

Conference hall (24 seats)

Showroom and shop EatPannnonia products


Web platform / Mobile App (EatPannonia – GooglePlay/AppStore)

EatPannonia App (Google PlayApp Store)

Spa Relax Zone


EatPannonia menu comprises different ingredients from the Pannonian region as well as products made by our partners who have been awarded their EatPannonia label through a strict selection process. The selected producers take part in the production of food and the creation of dishes as well as in tasting events in our retail centers. They are an important part of the tourist programmes offering our guests an opportunity to visit the producers, learn about the production process and hear interesting stories.
A board of experts in the fields of cooking, food technology, oenology, and tourism surveys the production process, the commitment and the perseverance of our partners in their efforts to support and keep the traditional production and service.
For more information on the producers, gallery, contact details and other visit www.eatpannonia.rs (EatPannonia – GooglePlay/AppStore).

Our Menu

The EatPannonia menu was chosen by a team of experts in the fields of cooking, food technology, and tourism and oenology. The results of the aforementioned research are presented in the Book of Methodological Standards a guide for the EatPannonia brand, which includes old Pannonian recipes, ways preparations and raw materials from the area, which make the mentioned dishes different and unrepeatable.


EatPannonia platter
Seoski Čekić - Rustic Hammer
Homemade bread with raspberries and goat cheese
Goose liver pate
Leba, masti i paprike - Bread, fat spread and paprika powder

Soups and broths

Banat soup
Kikinda broth


Monastery salad
Baked pepper with fresh cheese
Lettuce with hazelnuts and grapes

Main dishes

Goose stew
Pork shank in dark beer
Veal in milk
Lovački gulaš - Hunter’s stew
Bačka-style perch
Drunken carp
Winter Magic


Gomboce sa šljivama - Plum dumplings
Jabuka u šlafroku - Apple in a gown
Salenjaci - Lard cakes
Rezanci sa makom - Noodles with poppy seeds
Poppy seeds and white chocolate cake

Gourmet Center


    Gourmet Center

    Our Chef

    My name is Nebojša Jovanović. I was born in Bačka Palanka on March 15th 1988. I have received my culinary education in Serbia while my professional career started in European restaurants and top category cruisers. This is where I collected knowledge and practice of food preparation and serving from different world cuisines.
    A Chef must be an artist in composing and organizing smells, tastes and colours. Thus the meal served can bring emotions, provoke smiles and compliment the guests for the trust they give us.
    Being a Chef is an important decision because it is not only a career but a lifestyle. You have to love that lifestyle in order to be good or the best in what you do.
    As I have spent a large part of my life working abroad, studying different world cuisines and creating my own magic in composing and serving dishes, I decided it was time to go back home to Serbia and give my contribution to the development and promotion of our national cuisine. Taking part in such a big project as Pannonia Gourmet is both an honour and a specific challenge for me.
    Culinary career is a trip. In this trip we hear different stories and legends presented on plates. Every carefully chosen ingredient tells a story of its own.
    Visit us and we will bring you into the Pannonian fairytale through our EatPannonia products and dishes. All your senses will enjoy the magic we create!!!

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