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Mikice Lesjaka 28, Vrdnik, Serbia
EatPannonia Gourmet Centar

EatPannonia services and activities

EatPannonia services and activities – for guests of Gourmet Center

(Tourist programmes; Weekend guest programmes; Team building; Private and business parties, Seminars, other activities)

  • One-day and multi-day excursions – Tourist visits of manufacturers and other EatPannonia partners, visits of tourist attractions and other partners at the EatPannonia route
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  • Team-building programmes (Fun cooking, tastings, team competitions -BlackBox, excursions, and other activities)
  • Culinary Academy for tourists and guests of Gourmet Center – “FEED Your Experience”
  • Organization of private and business events (with  EatPannonia offer of products / dishes)
  • Tasting – “Discover the secrets of Pannonian cuisine”
  • Pannonian stories – travel through Pannonia, discovering traditional Pannonian recipes through interesting stories – “Traditional Pannonian recipes and the stories behind them”
  • Presentation and sale of Eatpannonia products (delicatessen shop)
  • Enjoying the spa relax zone with the tasting of Eatpannonia products


Activities aimed at EatPannonia partners

(raising EatPannonia partners’ capacities)

  • Culinary Competition/Best Recipe Competition
  • Local Producers Competition – Pannonia Premium Selection
  • Culinary Academy “EatPannonia“ (professional level)
  • Providing support in marketing, packaging design, production technology and other activities according to the partners’ interests (councelling, education, etc.)
  • Developing joint projects through LearningArea strategic network in tourism
  • Joint presentations at fairs and other events


Activities aimed at managers/staff in catering and tourism

(raising HR capacities in catering and tourism)

  • Culinary Academy “EatPannonia“ (professional level)
  • Educational programmes for catering staff
  • Educational programmes, trainings and practice (field work) for tourist staff
  • Education in event management, including modern digital tools
  • Partnership with high schools and faculties in the country and abroad – joint programmes and exchanges