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EatPannonia partnership

“EatPannonia” TRADEMARK

Educons University is the owner of “EatPannonia” trademark which is awarded in accordance with the Rulebook on Acquiring and Using Trademarks. The rules, rights and obligations on using the trademark are defined within a Contract signed by Educons University and the trademark awardee. he trademark is awarded for the period of one year with possible extension upon checking the fulfillment of the contracting obligations and with the prerequisite of positive business cooperation.

Acquiring and using EatPannonia trademark is free of charge for all awrdees.


What is “EatPannonia” partnership?

EatPannonia partnership is a network of tourist and catering providers, small food and drink producers, gastro events, organizations, institutions and other tourist activities bearers within the geographical area of the Pannonian Plain. The partners are awarded the trademark
by signing the contract, thus accepting all the rights and obligations defined by it.


Who can be “EatPannonia” partner?

  • Food and drink producers
  • Catering facilities
  • Tourist organizations
  • Tourist agencies
  • Team Building agencies
  • Gastro events
  • Civil organizations / Clusters / Collectives
  • Local action groups
  • Other interested companies and organizations in private, civil and public sectors, which fulfill the general and specific criteria defined by the Rulebook on Acquiring and Using Trademarks

More information on the benefits received by the trademark awardees, as well as the steps and the conditions in the partnership process, can be found in the Rulebook.